About Us

Welcome to Lyndon Adams Health & Wellness online store, we hope we can help you kick start and assist you along your Holistic journey. We offer organic, all natural, directly derived and fair traded products. The owner and founder of LAHW Terry Adams Jr began his holistic living in 2016. He has always had a desire to find all natural remedies to cure illnesses. Throughout his life, he experienced dry skin issues such as patches of dark, inflamed and irritated skin. He couldn’t find anything to keep his skin moisturized. He was advised to go to the flea market in Baltimore to get organic all natural Shea butter and he has been hooked on the lifestyle ever since. He then discovered Dr. Sebi and his teachings, moved onto Moringa and Black Seed Oil, which helped him in a myriad of ways. Digger deeper into the holistic remedies, he then incorporated other herbs and detoxes like Soursop powder and detox, Seamoss, Bladderwrack, Matcha, and many more. He started his journey weighing over 300 pounds but with changes to his diet, the holistic and herbal remedies the weight began to fall off. The Holistic Herbs and CBD products have changed his life. He has lost over 90 pounds, has not been sick in almost three years and has been able to keep the weight off as well. He tells everyone that he comes in contact with about his journey and how his life has changed by educating himself and taking small steps towards improving his health. You can do it too! Just let us know how we can help and let’s work together. “If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.”